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Our Company

Our founders have a combined 40+ years’ experience in the consumer goods industry, with knowledge from different categories, countries and technologies.

We understand your world and we bring insights from parallel industries, identifying new market opportunities and discovering pioneering innovations.

We provide innovation advice and technology scouting services to assist your development activities, support your product portfolio and help increase your speed to market.

Worldwide coverage

Our Consultants

We have created a network of highly experienced freelance consultants.

All of our consultants are known and trusted by our founders. 

All our consultants have large technical consultancy group experience, including teh ‘Cambridge 4’ and others.

Our consultants are located globally and speak a variety of languages.

Within the IDYL Family

We cover most STEM discipline, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering and Materials Science.

We cover patent analysis and specialised topics, including brand development, future visioning, product design etc.

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IDYL excels in transforming sector-specific challenges into opportunities for innovation, setting new trends across diverse industries

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