Case Study

Case Study: Digital Detection of CMA

The Background:

Cow milk allergy (CMA) significantly impacts infants, presenting through immediate or delayed reactions that vary from respiratory difficulties and skin reactions to behavioural issues like poor sleep.

These diverse and overlapping symptoms make CMA hard to diagnose, particularly because infants cannot communicate their discomfort. Often, standard care fails to diagnose, leaving parents distressed and powerless to alleviate their child’s suffering.

Tech Scouting

Client's Need

The client, a global leader in baby formula with a comprehensive product range including dairy-free options, is committed to enhancing parental support. Their initiative aims to spotlight CMA and simplify its diagnosis through:

This approach not only supports parents but also integrates advanced digital tools to streamline and improve the diagnostic process for CMA.

Tech Scouting 2

IDYL's Approach

IDYL undertook a comprehensive research initiative to create a foundation for developing a digital diagnostic tool, focusing on non-verbal indicators of discomfort in infants, which are crucial for diagnosing conditions like CMA. Our strategic approach included:

IDYL's Solution

Our solution encompassed several actionable steps to support the client’s need for a robust digital tool for CMA detection:

This approach not only addressed the immediate needs of the client but also positioned them at the forefront of innovative, family-centric healthcare solutions.

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