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IDYL unlocks the potential of emerging technologies, facilitating the creation of bespoke innovations to propel your business forward.

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver breakthrough new offerings that give their business the competitive edge.

Our approach integrates your technical and commercial goals, accelerating growth and innovation with agility and precision

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IDYL is anchored in the UK with a vibrant global reach, coordinating a network of consultants across diverse geographies. All our personnel work remotely, from wherever they have chosen to live!

We operate worldwide as do our clients, employing local expertise in major markets to provide context-rich, globally-informed consultation.

Our consultants are proficient in a myriad of languages including: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

IDYL was founded in 2018, but our expertise spans decades.

IDYL’s founders collectively bring over 40 years of industry experience, with a longstanding legacy of insightful innovation and market analysis.

Our clients are a varied bunch, covering the following industries: food & beverages, hygiene & disinfection, pharma, consumer health, cosmetics & skincare, flavours & fragrances, packaging, tobacco, raw materials & chemicals, apparel, measuring equipment, etc. We welcome enquiries from other industries.

What we do

Technical insights

New and emerging technologies

Technology Transfer


Innovation pipeline

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Open Innovation

External Innovation


Custom innovation strategies.

Market-ready breakthroughs.

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IDYL excels in transforming sector-specific challenges into opportunities for innovation, setting new trends across diverse industries.

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IDYL harnesses decades of diverse industry expertise to drive your business's innovation and market success.

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