Case Study

Case Study: Portfolio Expansion

The Background:

Hospitals and other healthcare settings, while designed for healing, often harbour dangerous pathogens that lead to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). These infections arise from various sources:

Contaminated surfaces: desks, medical equipment and other frequently touched surfaces.

Skin/hand contamination: often due to inadequate hand hygiene practices.

Airborne transmission: despite routine surface cleaning and disinfection, air remains a challenging vector for pathogen control, typically addressed through methods like High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and chemical fogging, both of which have their limitations, particularly in occupied spaces.


Client's Need

The client, a significant player in infection prevention, specializes in products for skin, hand, and surface disinfection, along with some disinfecting equipment. Observing a market gap, they sought to expand into air/room disinfection solutions that could safely operate in occupied rooms. Specific needs included:

Global Research

IDYL's Approach

IDYL’s methodology consisted of two research phases:

IDYL's Solution

Our comprehensive analysis culminated in a detailed report that provided:

This strategic insight equipped the client with a clear pathway to pioneering a novel air disinfection product, tailored for safety and effectiveness in populated healthcare settings, potentially revolutionising infection control measures.

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