Case Study

Case Study: Automated Bartender

The Background:

Amid a resurgence in classic cocktail popularity, particularly among younger consumers, the drinks industry faces challenges related to service speed and consistency. Automated cocktail vending machines, employing robotics and dispensing systems, are emerging as a solution. These machines mix and pour drinks with precision, offering key advantages such as convenience, consistency, reduced labour costs, and increased throughput for bars and restaurants. However, limitations include a restricted cocktail selection, varying drink quality, and lack of customisation.


Client's Need

The client, a multinational drinks company with a portfolio including beers, spirits, and mixers, recognises the potential of automated cocktail machines to enhance their presence in the European market. By integrating these machines, equipped with their own brand products, into bars and restaurants, they aim to capitalise on the growing cocktail culture through improved efficiency and product visibility. The client seeks to expand their understanding of the available technology, identify potential suppliers, and explore partnerships to deploy these machines widely across Europe.

IDYL's Approach

IDYL conducted multilingual research to identify manufacturers and vendors of automated cocktail machines suitable for the European market. We categorised the companies into four groups based on their product offerings:

We determined that Group 1 companies align best with the client’s requirements. We engaged these companies in detailed discussions to assess compatibility and gather comprehensive information while maintaining the client’s confidentiality.

IDYL's Solution

IDYL delivered a comprehensive report that included:

This strategic insight equips the client with the necessary information to make informed decisions on integrating automated cocktail solutions, ultimately aiming to boost brand visibility and sales through innovative service enhancements.

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