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Case Study: New Markets

The Background:

China has transformed from an “innovation sponge” into a global leader in technology and research, annually investing over $200 billion in research and leading in patent applications globally. Despite its burgeoning innovation landscape, Western companies often struggle to penetrate the Chinese market due to regulatory complexities, cultural and business differences, market access restrictions, and concerns over intellectual property rights. These challenges hinder their ability to fully leverage China’s advanced innovation capabilities.

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Client's Need

The client, a global healthcare company active in key segments such as analgesics and allergies, has a presence in China but lacks a dedicated on-ground innovation team. Recognizing China’s untapped potential and innovation prowess, they sought to deepen their market engagement specifically for their China-specific brands in consumer health categories. Their goals included:

Health Market in China

IDYL's Approach

IDYL commenced with a thorough analysis of the Chinese healthcare market, identifying key consumer demographics driving demand for innovative healthcare solutions. We then selected and analysed the top 30 healthcare companies with a presence in China, considering factors such as turnover, R&D investment, and IP portfolios. Our investigation then proceeded to mapping each company’s innovation network, including academic collaborations, licensing deals and start-up engagements, to uncover prevailing trends and strategic partnerships.

IDYL's Solution

We delivered a comprehensive set of deliverables to inform and guide the client’s strategic decisions:

This strategic insight equipped the client with the necessary tools to expand their innovation footprint in China, leveraging local advancements and partnerships to enhance their product offerings and competitive positioning in the market.

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